Installation Service:

For Building Owners, Tenants/End Users and Estates or Engineering Managers etc, it can be a difficult task to not only source the correct equipment, but to also find an installer that understands the intricacies and compatibility of existing equipment that could make or break the success of the installation both in the short or longer term.

NWP Ltd can provide competitive quotations to supply & install all types of equipment including;

  • Pressurisation Systems.
  • Expansion Vessels.
  • Deaerators & Dirt Separators.
  • Booster Sets.
  • Pumping equipment.
  • RPZ Valves.

All installations are carried out by skilled engineers that are fully conversant with Pressurisation Systems along with the regulations in force. They will install and commission as per any design brief provided by NWP Ltd or other 3rd party consultant/manufacturer.

NWP Ltd are directly supported by several key industry manufacturers which further enhances our technical support and back up.

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