Pressurisation Specialists:

Why use a Specialist?

Correct Pressurisation – The first step in the Water Treatment process.

Pressurisation is arguably the single most important consideration with the design of any wet system. The initial Pressurisation design establishes operating pressures at the “Neutral Point” of the system. All other pressures are than derived from the pressures calculated at the “Neutral Point”, so if the Pressurisation design and set up is incorrect, system integrity is severely compromised.

The UK’s typical approach is to employ the services of “Pump” engineers to fulfil their Pressurisation requirements for Commissioning, Servicing, Fault finding and repairs. The problem being whilst they may be conversant with pump repairs, they tend to use “Rule of Thumb” when it comes to setting up the pressurisation system as largely they are not fully conversant with calculating the system specific requirements for the setup of the expansion vessels, operating parameters of the unit, pre-charge pressures and alarms settings etc.

The Fact is;


Which of course leads to increased breakdowns, higher Water Treatment & maintenance costs plus larger fuel bills. So why assume your “Pump engineer” is fully conversant with Pressurisation design & setup?

This is a specialist trade and can cost you dearly if you get it wrong.


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