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Spiropress TMA05

Spiropress TMA05


½” RPZ Backflow preventer, Honeywell BA195
Backflow preventers of this type are suitable for the protection of drinking water systems against back pressure, back flow and back syphonage. They are used mainly for OEM-applications but can also be used for commercial and industrial purposes within the scope of their specification. Fluids up to and including liquid category 4 to EN 1717 are protected.

Approvals • DVGW, SVGW, NF, BELGAQUA, WRAS, KIWA, Danmark, ETA

Media Drinking water
Liquid category (EN1717) class 4
Body material brass, dezincification resistant
Port connection external threads
Port diameter 3/4 inch
DN size 10 mm
Max. media temperature 65 oC
Minimum inlet pressure 1.5 bar
Max. inlet pressure 10 bar
Mounting position horizontal
• Optimal protection of the drinking water supply system
• Integrated inlet strainer
• Inlet check valve and discharge valve are combined in one cartridge
• Minimal maintenance required, because the valve cartridge is completely replaceable
• Optimized design prevents water Stagnation in normal operation
• Compact construction
• Low pressure loss and high flow rate
• All materials are ACS approved
• All materials are KTW approved
• Approved by TUEV LGA for low noise, Group 1 without limitations

Product Range Information

Heating and Chilled Water systems other than in a residential property are Category 4 level of risk according to current regulations.
The only approved device according to the water regulations for protecting against Cat 4 back flow or syphonage is a Type BA device - “A Verifiable Back Flow Preventer” with “Reduced Pressure Zone”. Sometimes referred to an RPZ Valve.
NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD supply WRAS Approved RPZ valves primarily to prevent against Back Flow or Syphonage from Heating and Chilled Water systems into any Water Supply that could potentially be used for drinking, cooking, food preparation or washing subsequently having the potential to endanger human health.