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Lowara GHV40/B/66SV1G055T/4/UK

Lowara GHV40/B/92SV3G220T/4/UK


Lowara GHV40/e-SV Series four pump Variable Speed Booster Sets
GHV40/e-SV series booster sets are variable speed pumping stations with four e-SV series multistage vertical pumps. Each pump is equipped with an HYDROVAR® frequency converter. This means that all pumps are capable of variable speed operation.
This type of system improves the comfort of the end user, reducing noise emissions. Thanks to the gradual switching off of the pumps “water hammer” is also reduced.
The Variable speed vertical multistage pump are made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel, in-line delivery and suction ports with discharge and suction manifolds arranged on opposite sides.
All GHV40/e-SV sets include 4no 24 litre pressure vessel supplied loose. Vessels are 8,10 or 16 bar rated in order to cover the closed valve pump pressure.
Prices include for volt free contacts to be wired from the Hydrovar head back to the control panel.
Fill mode is standard on these sets to help reduce pipe stress on initial power up, after power failure or on reinstatement of low water condition.
Please refer to “xylem-booster-set-book” available as a download on this page for specific product details on duties, weights dimensions etc.
GHV series booster sets with e-SV are certified for use with drinking water according to WRAS standards.

Product Range Information

NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD supply the Lowara GHV series booster sets series which are fully automatic booster sets for water supply, water pressure increase and water transfer in condominiums, office buildings, hotels, public buildings, industries and other applications.
The GHV series can be equipped with either 2-4 e-SV vertical multistage pumps or 2-3 e-HM horizontal multistage pumps (GHV20/e-HM & GHV30/e-HM series).
Each pump is fitted with a Hydrovar HVL variable frequency drive, pressure transmitters and control panel, all mounted on a frame for easy installation. The GHV series is easy to program, designed for maximum energy efficiency and can communicate with a BMS system via Modbus or BACnet.
The GHV series is certified by WRAS for use with potable water.
GHV booster sets with up to 8 pumps, other pump types and other special versions are available on request.
Delivery: up to 640 m³/h
Head: up to 160 m
Power: up to 22 kW
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar