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DAB extension Tank Coupling Set
The E.Sytank Coupling Kit includes a PVC sleeve with gasket, two PVC aligning pipes. It allows the connection of several E.Sytanks.
A simple fixing kit for securely hanging the E.Sybox pump onto a wall.
The kit comes complete with screws, brackets, dowels and two accessories for absorption of vibrations.

Product Range Information

NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD also supply the required accessories to
supported and enhance the performance and application of the DAB “Esybox” booster systems.
E.Sytank: To provide a complete tank and booster set package
E.Sytank extension module: To provide additional storage capacity and/or duty standy-by arrangement.
E.Sylink: Provides greater communication options
E.Sydock & E.Sytwin: Provides simple connection to system pipework and for connecting single and multiple units.
E.Sywall: An easy to install wall mounting bracket to simplify installationThe E.SYTANK “Extension Tank” is of modular design allowing you to extend storage capacity by connecting additional tanks to the main E.SYTANK unit.