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DAB E.sybox Mini


E.Sybox Mini
E.SYBOX mini is the DAB compact automatic pressurisation system for the water supply of a single dwelling.
E.SYBOX mini guarantees the comfort of constant pressure inside the system, and energy savings thanks to the inverter technology.

Suitable for use with drinking water, in domestic systems,
and in gardening applications.

E.SYBOX mini does not require any additional components for its installation.

Operating range:
capacity up to 80 l/min; head up to 55 m
Maximum suction depth: 8 meters
Maximum ambient temperature: +50°C
Maximum operating pressure: 7,5 bar (750 kPa)
Motor protection rating: IPX4
Insulation class: F
Installation: Horizontal or vertical fixed position

Product Range Information

E.Sybox Range - WRAS Certified
Introducing the award winning E.SYBOX from DAB Pumps.
Boosting low water pressure around your building has never been so easy.
Simple to install and operate, ultra quite with advanced energy efficient motor technology.
The most advanced cold water booster pump system available today.
• Sinks & Taps
• Shower & Bathing
• Garden watering
• Irrigation
• Rainwater Recycling