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SpiroCross XC125F

SpiroCross XC300F


SpiroCross XC-125-F Air/Dirt & Hydraulic Separator
• DN 125mm
• Flanged PN16
• Max operating pressure 10bar at 110°C
• Steel Construction
• Separation element constructed from Spirally Wound Copper tube
• Max flow rate 20 l/sec
• Max velocity 1.5 mtr sec
• Hydraulic Separation of Primary and Secondary circuits.
• Fast and efficient removal of air from system.
• Fastest possible commissioning of circuits – Repeatable gauge readings, no chasing of air around the system.
• Permanent air free system (including dissolved oxygen).
• No cavitation of circulating pumps.
• No more bleeding of radiators or other circuits.
• Silent operation of system, no cascading of air at system high points
• Very small particles, from 5 µm (=0.005mm) and up are separated and removed from the circulating water.
• Dirt can be drained form the unit whilst the system remains in operation
• No shut-off valves or bypass required
• Constant low pressure drop irrespective of how much dirt is in the unit
• Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is a simple clean task to undertake when compared to a standard “Y” type strainer or inline magnetic unit.
• No unnecessary shutdown of plant

Product Range Information

SpiroCross XC range (Steel) Air/Dirt & Hydraulic Separators
The Spirocross XC range are really 3 products combined into a single unit.
Ensuring Hydraulic separation along with quick and efficient Air & dirt removal is essential for many modern systems.
For systems that require Hydraulic separation of the Primary & Secondary circuits in order to achieve the desired flow rates.
Available versions:
• Brass Units (designed for a nominal flow velocity up to 1 m/s)
• Standard flow steel Units (designed for a nominal flow velocity up to 1.5 m/s)
Connections: Flanged PN16, DN50 to DN300
Prices for weld end units and special configurations available upon request.