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SpiroTrap BE050F

SpiroTrap BE300F


Spirotech BE-050-F Dirt Separator (standard flow rates)
• DN 50mm
• Flanged PN16
• Max operating pressure 10bar at 110°C
• Steel Construction
• Separation element constructed from Spirally Wound Copper tube
• Max flow rate 3.5 l/sec
• Max velocity 1.5 mtr sec

• Very small particles, from 5 µm (=0.005mm) and up are separated and removed from the circulating water.
• Dirt can be drained form the unit whilst the system remains in operation
• No shut-off valves or bypass required
• Constant low pressure drop irrespective of how much dirt is in the unit
• Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is a simple clean task to undertake when compared to a standard “Y” type strainer or inline magnetic unit.
• No unnecessary shutdown of plant
• Other units available for a complete range of pressures and temperatures.

Product Range Information

Spirotech BE Range of Dirt Separators, Standard Flow units up to 1.5 mtrs/sec velocity
All Air & Dirt Separators must create the correct environment to be able to work efficiently. The Spirotech brand uses a separation element constructed of spirally wound copper wire around a central copper core. This arrangement creates an area of laminar flow (static water) at the base of the unit enabling even the smallest of Dirt particles to settle out of the mass flow of the circulating fluid and then simply be drained away from unit. It is the only point on the system where laminar flow exists when in normal operation.
However, if the flow rates are excessive the whole of the separator may become turbulent hence no laminar flow may exist, therefore it is necessary to provide some “guidance” as to the maximum flow for each size of unit. The chart below provides the required information to assist with product selection at a velocity of 1.5 mtr/sec.
DN L/sec Mtr3/hr Product
50mm 3.5 12.5 BE-050-F
65mm 5.5 20 BE-065-F
80mm 7.5 27 BE-080-F
100mm 12.5 47 BE-100-F
125mm 20 72 BE-125-F
150mm 30 108 BE-150-F
200mm 50 180 BE-200-F
250mm 80 288 BE-250-F
300mm 112.5 405 BE-300-F