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Spirovent Superior S16AI (MA16A50WI)

Spirovent Superior S16RI (MA16R50WI)


Superior S16A-I Vacuum Degasser (Insulated)

• Vapour Sealed Insulation for systems that may incur persistent condensation.
• Operating range 9 Bar to 16 Bar
• High Maximum temperature of 90°C
• Maximum system volume 250,000 Litres
• Automatic Smart Switch ensures degassing function only operates when air becomes present.
• Daily start-up of pump to prevent seizure
• Comprehensive Operational & Fault history easily retrieved from control panel.
• Plug & Play, simple easy to follow commissioning.
• BMS compatible.
• Remote stop start function.
• 1 x Programmable Volt Free Contact for common alarm. Comprehensive fault code reporting on front screen.
• Simple to install as a “Retrofit” on problematic systems

The Spirotech Superior S16A-I: The Vacuum principle ensures that the systems Air content (inc dissolved oxygen) is constantly maintained at the lowest possible level, thus providing considerable system benefits;


• Lower capital outlay, reduced installation and ongoing maintenance costs.
• Permanent protection against oxygen based corrosion
• No cavitation of system pumps
• Reduction in system Pump energy as Air free system reduces resistance to flow
• Air free system permits accurate balancing of System.
• Wet balancing of system reduced to shortest possible time
• No requirement for further manual venting of the system

The proven principle of Deaerating refill water combined with Vacuum Degassing is the most effective form of maintaining air free LTHW & CHILLED Water systems

Product Range Information

Floor Standing Vacuum Degasser units
Available in 3 pressure ranges, 1-6 bar, 5-10bar, 9-16bar.
Also available with Vapour sealed insulation for systems where persistent condensation may be an issue.
• An efficient Air removal device that maintains dissolved air including oxygens to the lowest possible levels thus providing significant protection against oxygen corrosion and improving system performance.