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Spirovent Superior S6R2 (MA06P50W)

Spirovent Superior S6R2 (MA06P50W)


Superior S6RP Combined Pressurisation unit & Vacuum Degasser

• Replaces traditional Pressurisation Unit.
• Maintains minimum cold fill pressures by adding fully degassed (oxygen free) Make Up water to system.
• Operating range 1 Bar to 6 Bar
• High Maximum temperature of 90°C
• Maximum system volume 250,000 Litres
• 2nd back up pump ensures refill function is never compromised.
• Automatic Smart Switch ensures degassing function only operates when air becomes present.
• Daily start-up of pump to prevent seizure
• Comprehensive Operational, Refill & Fault history easily retrieved from control panel.
• Plug & Play, simple easy to follow commissioning.
• BMS compatible.
• Remote stop start function.
• 1 x Programmable Volt Free Contact for common alarm. Comprehensive fault code reporting on front screen.
• Additional Volt Free Contacts available with optional “BMS Module”
• Simple to install as a “Retrofit” on problematic systems

The S6RP unit is ideally suited for Combining the requirements of Pressurisation and Vacuum Degasser into a single unit. This provides Deaeration of all LTHW and CHW systems. The Vacuum principle ensures that the systems Air content (inc dissolved oxygen) is constantly maintained at the lowest possible level, thus providing considerable system benefits;


• Lower capital outlay, reduced installation and ongoing maintenance costs.
• Permanent protection against oxygen based corrosion
• No cavitation of system pumps
• Reduction in system Pump energy as Air free system reduces resistance to flow
• Air free system permits accurate balancing of System.
• Wet balancing of system reduced to shortest possible time
• No requirement for further manual venting of the system

The proven principle of Deaerating refill water combined with Vacuum Degassing is the most effective form of maintaining air free LTHW & CHILLED Water systems

Product Range Information

Floor Standing Combined Vacuum Degasser & Pressurisation units
These units are really 2 products in one;
• An efficient Air removal device that maintains dissolved air including oxygens to the possible levels.
• A Pressurisation unit that maintains minimum fill pressures at the required levels and removes all air from the refill water significantly inhibiting Oxygen based corrosion.
This combination provide savings in capital outlay, installation, commissioning and servicing costs together with smaller footprint and improved system performance.
They are used in conjunction with traditional membrane type expansion vessels.
Also available with Vapour sealed insulation for systems where persistent condensation may be an issue.