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DAB E.SyPRESS EH1 High head / single pump digital

DAB E.SyPRESS EH1 High head / single pump digital


E.Sypress EH1
The DAB E.Sypress “EH1” is a wall or floor mounted, cabinet style pressurisation unit for heating and chilled water applications.
Designed specifically for commercial and light industrial use.
E.Sypress EH1 offers simple installation and operation with electronic digital control and operation.
Electronic Module Features: Pump cycle counter, Pump hours run, Volume of water introduced with alarm, Water tank low level cut out, Pump failure detection, High & Low Pressure and general alarm volt free relays.
• Zintec steel powder coated cabinet housing
• 7.6 Litre (actual) mains storage tank size
• Operating Range 0.7-6.0 Bar
• Maximum flow rate 6 litres/min
• Corrosion resistant pipework brass/copper/plastic
• Non-return valve
• Single Phase 230 Volt 50/60 Hz 2.4A run current, 9A start current.
406mm (Width) x 850mm (Height) x 350mm (Depth)
Allow additional 35mm width for connections.
25kg empty, 33kg full

Product Range Information

Are cabinet style pressurisation units for heating and chilled water applications.
The E.SYPRESS range offers simple installation and operation with space saving advantages. The E.SYPRESS provides a complete packaged system incorporating a mains water break tank, booster pumps and controls.
Operation is fully automatic via pressure switch control or digital microprocessor control.
Features: Available as Wall or Floor Mounted Cabinet Designs, Single or Twin Pump Duty Standby Arrangement Options, Integral Break Tank, Single Phase Electrical Supply, Compact Dimensions, 1/2" BSP Mains Water Connection, Max Mains Water Inlet Pressure Of 8 Bar
Full system status including
E.SYPRESS E Digital models include a special LCD operational display which provides the following systems information: System Pressure, Fill Pressure, High Pressure & Low Pressure alarms, Pump Run, Pump Trip, Low Water, Common Fault